Sydney Social Baila

Made to order: 20 colour options. The classic Latin dance heels


Estimate Shipping time: 3-4 weeks, Express Available Here.

The Classic pair every girl has worn through a million times. 

At S.S. Baila, nothing classic is classic anymore. 

Our classic are made with: 

Extra thick insoles: feel like dance in the cloud. 

Sparkle buckle: just because everything need to have sparkle ( you do have the option to change it to a normal buckle)

Extra soft silk shoe fabric. 


20 colours and 21 different shoe styles to choose from. 

(due to shop limitation, not all options are listed. please contact our sales assistant online for colours not listed. 

Shipping time : 3-4 weeks

Contact us if street sole needed 

contact us if size or heel style is not listed 


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