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Custom Made Latin Dance Shoe - Bossy Black Diamond


Estimate Shipping time: 3-4 weeks, Express Available Here.

You own the dancefloor. So show it with these stunning pair of black heels with an elegantly designed black suede topped off with a punch of sparkling diamantes these heels grab attention and command awe!

(Shoe pictured uses Heel Style: CH-A)

About Our Shoes:

At S.S. Baila we believe that when it comes to heels, you deserve to be as picky as you want! Every girl has their own personal, perfect pick. Whether its about over the top fashion, pure function or a perfect combination of the two, S.S. Baila has you covered with our range of made to order and customised special request, Latin Dance Shoes!

With only 3-4 Weeks from the order to your door, every single pair of heels is made to your preference:

  • Choose from hundreds of different designs.
  • 21 different heel options!
  • 2 Options for your Soles - Suede (dance) or Street ready.
  • Inner Soles are made from top of the line memory foam specifically designed for dance shoes.

We know it’s tricky to find the perfect dance shoes. That's why S.S. Baila wants to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase, so we offer a full refund* if you are not happy with your order. Yes, even on our made to order shoes! Because we believe everyone deserves to find their perfect shoe!

Special Order: 

All special orders are welcome! Love a certain material but in a different style other than what is listed? Like rainbow boots covered in sparkles? A female shoe design but for men? Only you imagination is the limitation! 

Contact us via our live chat or e-mail us for a quote. **

Heel Options:

Find listed below our range of heels and their corresponding product codes (as pictured). Unsure what heel is your best fit? Feel free to speak to our online specialists to find the right one for you!

Ultra-high: (We recommended these for boots!)

UH-A: 10 cm Flared

UH-B 10 cm Stiletto

UH-C 8.5 cm Stiletto (Most Popular)

UH-D 9 cm Stiletto

UH-E 9 cm Flared

High: (For those who are very comfortable in heels.)

H-A: 8.5 cm Spool

H-B: 8.3 cm Flared

H-C: 7.5 cm Spool (Most Popular)

H-D: 7 cm Flared

Comfort High: (The most popular choice for those wanting to dance all night.)

CH-A: 7 cm Flared

CH-B: 7 cm Cone

CH-C: 6 cm Flared (Most Popular)

CH-D: 5.5 cm Flared

Comfort: (For those who are new to dancing in heels.)

C-A: 5cm Flare

C-B: 5.5 cm Cone

C-C: 5 cm Chunk

C-D: 4.5 cm Cone

Low: (Practically flats. Commonly used in Men's Style Dance Shoes.)

L-A: 4.5 cm

L-B: 2.5 cm

L-C: 4 cm

L-D: 3 cm


*For a full refund Heels must be returned in new/unworn condition. Returns can be brought to any S.S. Baila event or can be posted directly to our office in Sydney.

**No refunds for special order products

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